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Welcome to Caravan Shop – Australia's One-Stop Accessories Shop concerning all camper trailers, caravans, motor-homes and any other recreational vehicles.

Motor-homes and Motor-campers
Looking for anything and everything motor-home/camper related? Looking for top quality brands at rock bottom prices? Well, look no further. We have it all. Caravan Shop caters for all products even remotely associated with motor-homes and motor-campers. Whether you need to install a new kitchen sink and rework the plumbing system, or you're just in need of a couple of aerials to watch the footy – we have it.
Camping, 4WD and Trailers
Camping is like a get-away from home - but still utilising the conveniences of a home. Our product cart spans portable fridges and stoves so you can enjoy that unique taste of a home cooked meal. Let's not forget that hot shower when you wake up the next morning, our solar panelling and converters can help too!
Should you encounter any issues travelling, why not keep a tow-rope or portal batteries on-hand? – just in case.

Caravans and Camper vans
Do you need the same conveniences in your caravan as your house? Still need a gas stove or a water supply? Why not get it here? You can pick up some plumbing fixtures and light switches to remind you of home.
Caravan Shop also caters for caravan bedding and lounge areas – with L-shaped lounges that can convert into beds. What a space saver!
Let's face it – the small things do matter. But that's what other corporations forget, despite their unseen importance. Caravan Shop supplies all accessories, vital and recreational, ranging from tow-bars  to braking systems and lighting appliances. Whatever you may be searching for, you'll find it at RV Shop. - caravan parts, water, fiamma, awning, gas, table, door, tanks, smev, legs, pole, mirrors, jockey wheel, fridge, sink, lights, towing, steps, pump, bike, plus many more accessories 
With this one-stop Caravan Shop, why bother shopping anywhere else?


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